September 19, 2016

20 Days to Go


There are now only 20 days to go.

You may not realise this but I cannot publish this book without your help.

I will only be able to publish my book if enough people pledge to support it. If I do not receive enough pledges to raise my target of funds, no one has to pay a cent.
It’s that simple.

Pledge today to help make this book a reality. Your credit card will NOT be charged UNLESS the project is fully successful and I raise $20,000 in pledges.
Please support this project so I can get my book out to the world.
Appreciate your reading this. PLEDGE NOW before its too late


Gavin is a chef, author and gluten free mentor and coach. Having traveled the world as a classically trained chef based on Escoffier : Le Repertoire de la Cuisine.Gavin has trained students from Le Cordon Bleu and William Angliss Institute. Gavin now mentors and coaches gourmet gluten free recipes on his website with video and consultations at

  • Karen Pruis says:

    I pledge to support your book.

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