About Us

My name is Gavin Draper and I am the founder of glutenfreerepertoire.com

My aim is to get people excited about cooking gluten free food and to mentor them through my blog posts, videos and classes.  Some years ago, when I ran a small catering business in Melbourne, I was surprised by the volume of requests for gluten free dishes. Customers complained of limited choice when ordering food at cafes, of meals that were lacking in imagination and flavour and about the quality of bread and baked goods. I took up the challenge and started to sell gluten free brownies and a range of cakes at farmers markets around Melbourne and regional Victoria. The response was fantastic and I enjoyed developing delicious gluten free food.

Realisation about health benefits came two years ago, after I had a serious car accident and broke eight ribs! My wife suggested I go gluten free – something that had helped her feel lighter and more energetic in the last months of her pregnancy. I switched to a gluten free diet and found it helped both mood and recovery. Importantly, I had something to engage my mind during months of painful recovery and spent time researching the nutritional value of various grains.

I am excited to share what I have learnt with you so you too can cook and enjoy a variety of gluten free food.

I live and work in Ballarat, near Melbourne. A place known for its gold mining history and for its cold weather. At home, I cook for my daughter and wife. I am a chef of many hats, which my three year old daughter loves to steal but I don’t mind because they look better on her.


My professional experience

I have been a chef for over 25 years now, including in 5 star resorts around the world and on the prestigious. Cunard QE II cruise liner. I have been a culinary trainer for top cooking schools such as the Le Cordon Bleu and the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne. I have a business degree in entrepreneurship