June 11, 2018

For the love of Vegan

For the love of Dairy, Why not go Plant-Based


Photo by Zara Albion


Having grown up with dairy there are many things that I love about the many beautiful foods from cows. With today’s healthier lifestyles and plant-based diets, an army of bodies is cutting back on all things dairy which makes sense for most people. So in the article today we explore the recipes that will give you a choice. So if need be you can give up on dairy and not feel cheated frustrated and be longing for butter… I will answer how to  faux plant-based DAIRY PRODUCTS like nut cheese, almond cream and even the Queen of spreads mayonnaise


For me, butter is the king of dairy, from French cooking to burnt butter friands it is hard to go without until now…with a wonderful recipe from Mel at a Virtual Vegan.https://avirtualvegan.com/easy-vegan-butter/

Image kindly borrowed from Mel a.k.a Virtual Vegan

Vegan mayonnaise

Well, mayonnaise is classically made with egg yolks so how do we take them out.

The recipe I have is extremely quick you don’t have to go through any drama of splitting egg yolks it is so easy. What I really love is that this recipe is really rich creamy and would fool almost anyone that it is not real mayonnaise.

It tastes like a sexier version of Hellman’s, and no this is not an affiliated post.

Add some gherkin, chipotle sauce, more mustard, honey the list is endless, to match the food you are eating.

My recipe


125 ml/4.5oz soy/almond milk

125 ml/4.5oz vegetable oil

25 ml/0.9oz extra virgin olive oil

7 g/1 heaped tsp Dijon  mustard

0.1g /10th tsp guar gum

Lemon juice to taste

Salt and pepper

Place everything except the lemon in a blender. Blend till the mix goes really thick. If it is too thick add more milk, and reblend. If the mayonnaise does not thicken add the slightest bit more guar gum and reblend.

Add the lemon juice to taste, and seasoning.


Cream well most of use love cream but not the cholesterol so why not a plant-based cream.

Alisa Fleming has a great guide here,



Easy cashew cream recipe

I cup of raw cashew nuts (use the broken ones they are the cheapest)

3 cups of water

Add the water to the cashew nuts in a container, cover and soak overnight

The next morning rinse then blend till really fine.

For an even thicker cream use less liquid.

You can also make this with skinned hazelnuts, macadamia, almonds even pistachio although that would be very expensive. A great use of this cream is featured here by Lindsay Cotter cottercrunch@hotmail.com this photograph kindly borrowed from Cottercrunch


Now, who says that you can’t have cheese if you ate vegan.

The cheese is a great thing to make while you have made your cashew cream or almond cream. When you grind your soaked nuts add very little water to get a slightly crunchy texture nut. Put this aside and process the rest of your cream as per the recipe. Squeeze out all the juice ( add to the cashew cream).

What you can do is add some sauerkraut juice even kaffir or another traditional ferment   Then place the nuts in a cheesecloth leave the nuts at room temperature for a few days. And after a few days, the nuts will be lightly fermented and ready to eat. Keep refrigerated to slow the fermentation. Or just eat it.

For more advise see  the Art of Fermentation, Sandor  Katz

If you want to make cheese it a bit quicker here is a recipe from the Buddhist chef.


Finally an easy replacement for yoghurt we have coconut yoghurt.

Because you normally get soy in a tiny UHT container, that is very expensive.

All you do is heat your milk to 40 degrees add your vegan culture and place in the yoghurt machine for 6-8 hours. This yoghurt can be a bit thin, but can be rectified with some guar gum/xanthan gum or agar agar.


Other versions of yoghurt can be made from coconut milk or even almond milk.

Now it is so easy to make I like almond milk or even coconut yoghurt. Here are the details,




Ok enjoy and speak soon. Please comment and share.

Cheers Gavin.



Gavin is a chef, author and gluten free mentor and coach. Having traveled the world as a classically trained chef based on Escoffier : Le Repertoire de la Cuisine.Gavin has trained students from Le Cordon Bleu and William Angliss Institute. Gavin now mentors and coaches gourmet gluten free recipes on his website with video and consultations at www.glutenfreerepertoire.com.